Animation Reel

Intro:  Adobe AfterEffects animation.

Shot 1:  Animation made using the MooMv4 rig in Maya.

Shot 2:  Animation, model, and rig created in Maya for the short Flap.

Shot 3:  Hand capture and cleaning in Blade.  Rigged, retargeted, and rendered in Maya

Shot 4:  Facial capture in Blade, eye capture with Dikablis.  Rigged, retargeted, and rendered in Maya.

Dragon Mist

A mod for Skyrim designed to teach basic concepts of genetics without ruining the core game experience of Skyrim with education.  It contains roughly an hours worth of new play experience for Skyrim players, including a genetics workstation that allows players to create their own small dragon companion.

Dragon Mist was designed and implemented to the specifications of Rebecca Clark and Clemson University faculty.  Thanks to Rebecca for the voice work on the walkthrough.

Other Media

A selection of some of my work in digital painting and with ink.